Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lights Display!

One of my most favorite movies of all time is "Christmas Vacation"! Remember how Clark Griswold went all crazy with his Christmas lights? Well there is a family in St. George that has given Clark a run for his money! I was totally thinking that Cousin Eddy was going to come out with some eggnog in a Marty Moose mug, wishing us a Merry Christmas! You must take a drive to check it out! It is located in Bloomington Hills on Harmony Place. If you head towards Bloomington Hills on River Road, turn right on Ft. Peirce Dr., turn right on Vermillion Ave., then turn right on Harmony Place and there it is in all its Christmas Glory!

There is a house in Hurricane that has Christmas lights to Christmas music! It is AWESOME! You tune your radio to 92.5 FM when you get there and listen to the Christmas music and watch the lights dance to the tunes! Take SR-9 to Hurricane, turn right on 700 West, turn right on 1300 South, then turn right on 840 West. It is definitely worth the drive out there!

There is also a house in Washington Fields that has Christmas lights to Christmas music too. At this one you tune your radio to 101.5 FM to listen to the Christmas music and watch the lights dance to the tunes. To get to this house take Telegraph in Washington, turn right if you are heading East or left if you are heading West, on 300 East, turn L on Indian Springs Drive just after you cross the bridge over the Virgin River, take the first left on Red River Road and follow it around until you see the house on your left.

All these houses are worth seeing. The one in Hurricane is our favorite!

So whip up some Hot Chocolate and head on out to see the lights! You will not be disappointed!

If anyone knows of any other great houses all lit up with Christmas cheer leave a comment with the address so we can all go check it out too!



Thanks for the heads up - we LOVE looking at the lights! :o)

Heather T.

You are welcome! Enjoy!

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