Friday, April 9, 2010

Heather's Target deals of the day!

I did pretty good at Target today. It is not a lot of stuff, but so worth my trip. The Disney Hannah Montana Vitamins were on Clearance for $2.98, they are regularly $5.99, and I had a $1/1 coup, from 3/14 RP, just kickin' it in my coupon folder. It is a good thing that my son is comfortable with his feminine side and will take pink Hannah Montana vitamins! This find makes me so excited because we ran out of his vitamins about a week ago and they have been on my list. (don't tell on me for letting him go a week without vitamins) Due to all the coupon deals I have been getting it makes it very hard for me to pay full price for things! So YIPPEE for $1.98 vitamins!
I had 2 $1/1 coups for the Tide and a $2/1 coup for the Gillette Mens Body Wash, so this made those 3 things FREE! (see Emilee's Target deals for where to find these coups) So total I spent $2.40 today at Target. Not too freakin' bad!

Two Tips for today:

1. If you run across a coupon for something that you would normally buy, cut or print it out! Keep them in your coupon folder in your purse. I have one just like the pink one Emilee posted about when she was explaining how we organize coupons. (we got them from a great friend of ours who is jumpin' on board with coups) It is ALWAYS in my purse! I never leave home without it! This way if I run across a deal on things I would normally buy (vitamins), then I can snatch them up!

2. When you are at Target, take the time to look at the end caps for Clearance items. Today I saw a bunch of Up & Up (Target Brand) indoor and outdoor trash bags 28 - 80 ct. on Clearance for $2.74 - $4.66. That is a great deal for trash bags.


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