Monday, April 11, 2011

New Smith's "Best In Class" Rewards & Fuel Accumulation Launch!

I just had a conference call with Smith's and other Utah bloggers about this GREAT new program!

Starting this Wednesday, April 13, Smith's will be launching their new "Best In Class" Rewards & Fuel Accumulation program, Utah locations ONLY!

For EVERY purchase you make with your rewards Card you will earn points! For every $1 you spend you will receive 1 point! (Taxes, office services, alcohol, tobacco and fuel purchases are excluded.) Clarification: You earn 1 point for EVERY $1 you spend, no minimum purchase, other than the $1!

This means that for EVERY $100 you spend you will earn $0.10 off per gallon, up to $1 off (up to 35 gallons). You can choose to "cash in" your points at the pump or hold on to the points to and have them used in your personalized GOLD envelope rewards at the end of each quarter, February, May, August and November!

Smith's has also teamed up with Shell on this fuel rewards program! You can redeem your points at participating Shell locations in Utah! Call 1-800-GO-SHELL for participating locations.

Smith's is also offering an EXTRA BONUS! For ANY single purchase made from 4/13-4/19 you will automatically receive 200 Bonus points!

Here is a rundown of how the Smith's rewards program works:

1. Customers show their Smith’s rewards Card when they shop at Smith’s.
2. Every purchase earns rewards points!
* Taxes, office services, alcohol, tobacco, fuel and lottery purchases are excluded.
• Customers get a rewards point for every dollar they spend at Smith’s.
• Customers get 50 rewards points for every qualifying prescription they fill.
* Government Funded Prescriptions are excluded
• Customers get rewards points on qualifying gift card purchases.
* Excludes Smith’s gift cards, the “Wishes” line of gift cards, Green Dot prepaid reloadable products, MoneyPaks and 1-2-3 REWARDS® Visa Prepaid Debit
Card and ReCharge Card™.
3. Customers get rewards points for jewelry purchases inside Fred Meyer Jewelers. * Online orders do not qualify
4. Customers get 5 bonus points for each reusable bag they use when shopping
5. Now Customers get to choose how to use their rewards points.

Be sure that your rewards card info is updated, you can do this online at! If you have the old Fresh Values card, be sure to upgrade to the rewards card!

This is a very exciting new program! Check in stores starting this Wednesday for more info, they will have brochures available with all the info!


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I believe MT is getting this as well as our ad this week shows the same info.

Heather T.

That is great! On the conference call they said it was only Utah! Yay for Montana too!


I used two transactions today to purchase the GM cereal on sale to get the $5 gift cards and got 200 bonus points for both of the transactions. I wasn't expecting to get 200 pts twice... Is that supposed to happen? Do you get the bonus pts every time you shop this week? Also- they said the gift cards took 5 mins to authorize so I couldn't use them for the transactinos today unless I wanted to pull my things out of line and get back in a few mins later. It wasn't really worth the wait.

Heather T.

Rachel that is great! The post said any transaction, so it looks like we can all score lots of points this week! Hello $1 off per gallon super quick!

Emilee told me about the 5 minute wait thing, kinda weird!

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