Monday, April 4, 2011

FREE Similac Sensitive at Walmart!

So Emilee just called and told me about the AWESOME deal that she just scored at Walmart! She snagged 12 bottles of Similac Sensitive for Spit Up for FREE plus made money off the coupons!

Here is what she did:
12 bottles Similac Sensitive for Spit Up, 1 qt $3.84 each
Total $46.08
She used 6 $5/1 Similac SS 4/3 and 6 $3/1 Similac SS 4/3
Final price 12 bottles for FREE plus $1.92 money maker!

Not too shabby! Nice job Emilee!



I would love to do this but the coupon states on it only one per transaction...

Heather T.

Even though it says that, they will let you use more than one. Or if you nervous about it, just separate your transactions! Or use the $5/1 and the $3/1 in the same transaction, (the overage from the $5/1 will cover the cost of the other one you are using the $3/1 on), then do it again if you have more inserts. Hope this does not confuse you!


I called corporate on this and they said although coupons state 1 per transaction their policy states their is no limit to the coupons you can use in a transaction as long as you are not trying to use 2 mfr coupons on 1 item.


Where do I get the coupons?

Heather T.

Katrina- They are in the Smart Source Inserts from the April 3rd newspaper. That is what SS 4/3 means. Check out the Coupon Lingo post that you can link to from the right side bar under "New to Coupons? Read This First..."


how can I get this coupon

Heather T.

The coupon is in the Smart Source Insert from April 3rd. If you do not have this coupon, you can try to order some off EBay, but you better hurry, the coupon expires on May 31! Good Luck!

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