Friday, November 5, 2010

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So last year I had my first Black Friday experience! The "day" started at 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving day when I started to stand in the Toys R Us line in Layton. It was just the beginning of the funnest night ever!

My cute sister in law Kristie says that Black Friday is her favorite day of the year! Kristie and her sisters and sisters in law let my sister, my nieces and I join them for their annual shopping night/day extravaganza! Kristie is VERY serious about this outing! She makes sure she has on good running shoes and the right coat, that is not too restricting and has easily accessible pockets, because she does NOT take her purse! (a purse would just slow her down!) Also a cell phone is key! I did not take mine, because it being my first time, I thought, I will always be with someone else, we will not get split up. (see Toys R Us below) We have heard about this night from Kristie many, many times, but we had NO idea how great it was going to be!

Here is the crazy schedule we where on that night:
Toys R Us - opened at midnight. I may or may not have been "left" in this store! Kristie is all about "get in, get out"! I was in line to pay, thinking I was saving a spot for Kristie. At about 12:30, the closer I got to the check out, with no Kristie, the more nervous I became! I thought, she will never let me come again if I lose this spot in line! I had to borrow a cell phone from someone to call Kristie. She had been out of the store for at least 20 minutes and was in the Old Navy line enjoying hot chocolate! What the? How did she get in and get out so fast? Right there I knew she was a professional at this!
Old Navy - opened at 2:00 am. We all received a FREE Wii Rock Band game!
Target - opened at 5:00 am. I scored some great deals here! PJ sets for $5 where some of my favorites!
Shopko - opened at 6:00 am. We snagged some great friend and neighbor gifts here for way cheap!

After Shopko my sister, my nieces and I headed back to my sisters house in Salt Lake. They all went to bed and I had to stay up and be a good mommy and wife all day! I must say, that I was pretty much running all day on adrenaline left over from the great night! Kristie and her family did not stop there! They went to breakfast, more shopping, lunch, then more shopping, I think they finally went home around 6:00 pm.

Now that I have told you all about my great time you should all be excited to have a night of fun on Black Friday this year! Head on over here to and sign up for email alerts about all the great Black Friday ads! I assure you it will be worth it!

Have fun and maybe I will see you in Layton this year! I can hardly wait!

Thanks Utah Deal Diva!


Tonya Ence

I can't wait to go shoppin'! I will be so much better prepared this year! Your post did the night justice by the way Heather!

Heather T.

Thanks! I also will be bringing hand warmers with us so we do not have to go buy them in the middle of the night!

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