Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newspaper Subscriptions!

This offer won't last much longer!
If you have been on the fence a little bit about ordering multiple Sunday newspapers, let me just push you off the fence right now! We are offering a great deal on the Salt Lake papers right now.

You can get 52 weeks of the newspaper for just $39! That's a full year of papers, and you will get a paper on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That averages out to be only $.25 a paper! Plus to get more copies of the Sunday paper (to get your coups) it is only $.75 a copy!

As many of you know, we can no longer get a good deal on The Spectrum here in St. George. They don't offer a deal for ordering multiple Sunday copies and they started charging a delivery fee. Meaning you would pay the full $1.50 for each Sunday copy and a delivery charge of $1. For a whole year you would spend $365 for 4 copies of your Sunday papers! While you would still save that amount yearly, let me tell you about our deal!

It looks like this:

1 copy of the Sunday paper- $39
2 copies of the Sunday paper- $72
3 copies of the Sunday paper- $117
4 copies of the Sunday paper- $156
( You will receive 2 S.L. Tribunes and 2 Deseret News with this deal.)

Remember this is for a full year of papers! Regular price for 4 copies of the Sunday paper is $128 and that is only for 6 months! That would be $256 a year!

While this may seem like a big investment all at once, you will immediately start to make that money back with all the FREE and super cheap items you can get with your coupons. And the more papers you order, the more money you will save! Before I started using coupons, I would spend well over $120 a week just at Walmart to get the groceries we needed! And that didn't include what I would spend at Costco. Now, I am building food storage and spending at least half on my monthy grocery bill!

We love using coupons and we would love to help you out, too. If you are worried about how to use these coupons, we teach free coupon classes. Email us at if you are interested.

If you would like to order the papers, contact us or call 801-344-2923 and tell them Emilee sent you. You must mention my name to get this awesome deal! Let us know what we can do to help you out!



So this is only for the St. George area, right? This is not by mail is it? We live in Vegas. Thanks


You are right, the Utah papers are not delivered that far. I suggest finding a paper down there like the Las Vegas Review Journal. Good Luck!

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