Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Smith's trip!

So the old saying "The early bird gets the worm" was sure true this morning! Emilee and I where at Smith's at 6 am this morning and some of the stuff we wanted was already gone! But we still did good!

This is a picture of the 28 items I got for $6.89! I saved $56.58, a 90% savings! I will be stopping back by Smith's in the next couple days to see if they restock what they where out of!

The small white packages are Mirra Facial Cleansing wipes that were only $2.49, so with my coup, they were FREE! There was quite a few Mirra products to choose from, it was a great morning!

To see how you can get these deals check this post!


Joy's Dumb Deals

Tell me about it- I had the same experience in Provo! I'll be back too and see if I can get some of that elusive Crest, Cache Valley cheese, and Weber seasoning packets.

I had a good trip though: 71% off.


Did you notice the Fuze drinks in the refrigerator case all had $.50/1 peelies on them. Free plus the $1/3 loadable. I didn't make it until 9am and then again at 2pm and most everything that was free was still in stock I only missed the Charmain TP that matched the $3/1 loadable. They didn't get enough in their last load so supposed to be more by tomorrow. They had people stocking all morning. Tons of stuff still available. Our Smith's is awesome.

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