Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FREE Birthday coupons!

This month is such a special one, it's Birthday time for me! I'd really like to celebrate this happy day with you!!! Zippitee A, and Hiedee Ho, there's something we should do. Let's all sign up for more free stuff, so you can celebrate too!!!

I just got back from a 3 hour play date at the park with some great friends of mine! It was a great 3 hours, thanks girls, I needed the laughs! While I was there I enjoyed the most delicious FREE Smoke House Burger and Fries (with a side of Honey Mustard, a must have) from Ruby Tuesday! How did I do this you ask? Well, I am a member of Ruby Tuesday, So Connected and the other day I received an email for a FREE Burger on my Birthday!!! So today on my way to the park I called them up and ordered my FREE Burger and stopped by the curb side RubyTueGo service and left with my FREE Burger! I did not even have to get out of the car, an extra Birthday Gift to not have to get my boy in and out of the car seat!

Anyway, go to here to sign up for Ruby Tuesday, So Connected (click on the So Connected tab at the top) to get your Free Birthday Burger coupon emailed to you the month of your Birthday!!

I am also a Raving Fan EClub member at Del Taco. I recieved an email with a coupon for a FREE Premium Shake for my Birthday too! Guess what I am getting tomorrow? Go here to sign up for the Raving Fan EClub (click on the Join Our EClub tab at the top) to get your FREE Premium Shake coupon emailed to you the month of your Birthday! You also get an email with a coupon for 2 FREE Chicken Soft Tacos just for signing up!

And yes, there is more great Birthday news! I also received an email for a FREE Brownie Sundae at Chilli's for my Birthday. I got this because I am a member of the Chili's Email Club. Click here to join the Email Club (click on email club tab at the top) to get you FREE Brownie Sundae coupon emailed to you the month of your Birthday. With this one there is a special bonus welcome gift, you get an email within 48 hours for FREE Chips and Queso!

Just for signing up for things like this they randomly email special offers and coupons as well!

I am sure there are other Birthday coupons to sign up for out there! Let us know what you are a member of to share the FREE Birthday love!

Sign up your hubby or wifey too! You can get one per email address.
Happy Birthday to All!



Okay, I did all of those and more!!! Stone Cold gives your a free Create It size, Baskin Robbins gives you a free scoop, Red Robin gives you a free burger (and it is good for the chicken ones also). I went to and they list freebies for adults and kids for your birthday by state. It is a really good list.

So I am super excited to finally find a coupon website in the Dixie area. There have been a few times (enough to be annoyed) that I have gone for deals at local stores to find they are "regional" and not available here. Boo! So glad you two started this blog. I have already added it to my windows tabs. Wifeeonline

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